Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Okay Okay! So I finally gave into the peer pressure I was feeling to BLOG! :) I enjoy seeing my friend Angie's Blog so lots and figured just maybe someone may be interested in our crazy world. I've spent most of the day crying because....Bre didn't need a ride to work...SHE'S DRIVING HERSELF in HER CAR!!! UGH! Isn't that crazy? I took pictures of course and will post them soon. So basically, prayers warriors...PRAY! HA! Just kidding she does a good job. Its just so hard as a parent to let go. My kids are my world and I hate seeing them grow up. I'm anxious to see what God's going to do with their life in serving Him but am feeling them pull away from me. Tyler turned 19 last week at college and is doing great. (So great he forgets (ha) or is to busy (ha) to call me! UGH AGAIN! Well, we have fall festival tonite at church and Billy and I are going to dress up so I'm getting excited. Hopefully, Billy will play along and dress up with me. Can't wait to fellowship and be with my friends around the bonfire!!! And the weird thing is...I have a love/hate for the spook trail, too! Love you all ... Keep on Keeping on!


Julie said...

WELCOME to the blogging world!!!! :-)

~Amber~ said...

Hi Pam! I look forward to reading your blog. Love you!