Friday, June 12, 2009

Time flies when you're having fun....or Not!!! :)

I cannot believe its already June 13th......I feel like it was just Christmas and now we are halfway to Christmas...again! Craziness!!!

I'm enjoying Tyler being home...and summer getting here. My job is going really well. So much to learn and so many different personalities to get used too...but its a great job. We found out today that.....our store was finally profitable this month for the first time in over a year. (Wow! I started May 5th and the new General Manager started the week we are taking personal pride in this accomplishment) A lot of changes were made and I think its paying off!!!

I also wanted to add ...I love my mom and am so thankful God has allowed her to be my mom and to celebrate her 60th birthday this week. She is an absolutley incredible Christian lady and my hero and role model. I'm blessed beyond words.

Pray for my car to get fixed soon...(transmission went out) I MISS IT SO BAD..... is that bad?!? I appreciate the Mays allowing me to borrow their car but its just not mine. Unfortunantly, I'm going to sell my car after its fixed. (Billys done with the Mitsubishi car& repairs ...I'm pretty mad they didn't recall my car in the first place..knowing about transmission problems) :(

Well....thanks for being my friends and having patience with me. I'm terrible about keeping in touch! :( I never want to be too busy for my family & friends!

Later peeps......Til next months post....haha jk

God is good..all the time! Keep on Keeping on! I have been blessed, God's so good to me!

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