Saturday, July 4, 2009


Happy Birthday Turbo! July 4th!
 I love this Dr. Hyles poem on America..Check it out!!! It pretty much sums it up why we should be glad to live in the United States of America. Land of the free...home of the brave! Take time to be grateful! (oh and we are really glad to have had our beagle, Turbo, a year July 4th!)

Hope you all have a super great holiday. I cleaned house, did laundry and got caught up on a lot of things I've had to push aside for weeks. :( Bre turned 17 last week!!!! I can't believe it. We had a super great birthday party for her and I cherish the moments with my children,family and friends.... more every single day. I took her birthday off work and we enjoyed a Mommy Bre day! It was awesome!!!! Lets see...what else?! Oh I got my car back! Yippy skippy and am so thankful for good friends that helped make it happen. Church has been great! We had secret sister revealing last week and it was awesome. My Bre had a great time which helped make it even more special for me! Oh and most important was my neighbor who's baby was on life support is not only doing great but they came to church Sunday and got saved!!! (he got baptized!)

Tylers doing great and enjoying being home for the summer. He started working with me last week :) Its such a blessing to get to see him working and have people brag on my son to me. I tell them I'm knowing its all God! And its hard work!

Please pray for Billys work...he is barely working 32 hours a week. Although he has enjoyed getting to build our deck or work on doghouses....he needs to be working.
Well thats the May Fam!!!!

I have been blessed...God's so good to me!!!!
ps. Hope to have more pics to post soon!!!!

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