Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Transiberian Orchestra November 8th Concert

I can't believe i've forgotten to post these from the concert. Wow if you've never been you gotta try it. I told someone it was like a musical, a church play, a rock concert, July 4th fireworks display, a symphony all in one!!! It was so incredible!!!!! We stayed late and Bre got autographs on her shirt and Billy bought two books and we got them autographed. We have the video of them doing that so i will have to see if i can get that posted on here. Billy and Bre had been before so were huge was my first time but I will definantly BEG to go back!!!!! We ran into Misty and Brandon there and i took some pictures but after emailing them to Misty i must have deleted them. It ws fun seeing them!

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