Monday, December 22, 2008

FINALLY...I Blog again! :)

Okay sooo....its been forever since I got on here, SORRY! I'm on Facebook now and keep in touch with family and friends there ! Anyhoo...lots been going on. MANY BLESSINGS... Tylers home safe from college for the Christmas break ,the cantata is over at church, I'm done Christmas shopping,Billy is off this week on vacation, and someone has offered to pay our mortgage in January since I've been out of work!!! God is good...ALL the time!!! I'm still home recovering from my surgery...its been a month ago today. I really overdid things yesterday (with cantata day) and woke up at 5:30 this morning hurting bad. Long story short is strong medicine and a super hot bath helped me go back to bed at 7:30!!!! Am I ever going to feel better and myself again?!?!?!? :) Everyone that has gone through this same surgery has said it takes time but I will be so glad in the long run. UGH! Hope you are all well and ready for Christmas. What a great time to be thankful for family and friends! Speaking of friends, please pray for traveling mercies for the Knutson family.(and all those that may be traveling this week to be with family) Merry Christmas!

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