Friday, March 20, 2009


My husband is building doghouses...and selling them for $125!!!! Does anyone need one?! or can you please pass it along that he is selling them?!? He has another one that is awesome!!!! (green with a front porch on it and windows--Victorian looking but I don't have a picture of it) He is hoping to take custom orders (Nascar house, or a doghouse like the owners home)
I'm sooooooooooooo proud of him!
He's trying to buy a pickup truck now so he can buy wood and be able to deliver the doghouses...please pray he finds one SOON! (he sold his car to Codi at church and is borrowing my dads vehicle for now!)

Tyler is home for Spring Break. His girlfriend Kayce is in her cousins wedding tonight.... so he is with her at the wedding. (he just text me 'weddings are SO boring...they are doing pictures now') haha Funny!!! He looked all cute in his suit headed out the door...I love him! Oh and speaking of Tyler...I have never seen anyone love to sing more than he does. He has listened to CD's...showed me new songs...and has sung all day long! Patty told me she came in from work last night (at 12:30 this morning ) and Tyler, Pete and Sam were...... SINGING!!!! This was after traveling all day and just getting into town..(Tyler was dropping off Michael) Those boys!!!! Kayce loves to sing too. She made Hyles Andersons tour group and will be traveling with them this summer. (and coming to our church to sing in June)

Thank God it looks like we will have GREAT weather while he's home! Breanna's very excited to have Michael home for Spring Break, too.

Please pray for me to get a job soon. I have another interview Monday and am so sick right now. I certainly wouldn't hire me looking or sounding like this! haha :) The Dr. told me she thought I should be feeling a lot better by tomorrow or call her for an antibiotic. I received a call today from a company I interviewed at twice already and they may have me back for one more interview. He wanted me to know they have narrowed it down to two and I'm one of them! I'm just praying God opens and closes doors as HE sees fit. (Mondays interview is with Karey Morgan's boss Sherry... husbands work) It seems like a great company, too.

Thanks for all your love and encouragement to me! I love you all!

Just keep swimming :) Happy Spring..... :)

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The Knutson Klan said...

I'll keep praying! Love you!! So glad Tyler's home safe and sound.