Friday, March 27, 2009


~*~Turbo wanting to get on the trampiline~*~

~*~Awww..he loves outside soooooooo much~*~

~*~Bre, Michael, Kayce, Tyler & Billy watching Hyles Andersons Valentine Banquet Play~*~

Well its Friday again......I cannot believe Tyler has come and gone. Where did the week go?!?! I hate that I was sick while he was here for Spring Break. :( But we still had a super great time. After he got to the college last night he text me 'thank you mom & dad for a GREAT spring break at home. ' :) So glad he has a place to come home too. Wonderful grandparents, wonderful church, great friends. God is just soooooooooo good to us. My highlight was hearing him preach Wednesday night. What mom wouldn't be proud of their 19 year old son preaching at the church he has grown up in? Thanks to my preacher & my dad for allowing that to happen. He was able to hang out with both GODLY sets of grandparents,his dad & sister, his girlfriend, his best friend, his puppy Turbo and dog just doesn't get better than that, huh?! And man o man did he fall in love with Billy's drums. h aha I swear the kid can do anything he sets his mind too. He had NEVER played in his life and picked up the drumsticks and played along with his Ipod. Too awesome! (he had played maybe 3 hours at the most when he let me record him playing this video)

The house seems so quiet right now. Billy's at work, Bre's at work, Tyler's at college, the animals are all sleeping and I am updating my blog. Hmmmm! You can seriously hear a pin drop in our house. Is this my new reality? Bre graduates within the next year, and I'm well....going to have empty nest syndrome! AHHH!!!!

Keep praying for me a job. I went to a great interview yesterday and hope to hear from them by Tuesday. The guy introduced me to other employees like I was already one of them. :) I'm trying hard not to get to excited about it because the disappointment hurts to bad.

Well thats my quiet little nest for now.........I love you all!!!!

Oh and how adorable is my nephew Trenton singing. Tyler and the boys at church made a CD and Trenton fell in love with the song Joshua. Soooo when mom came by my house with Trenton Wednesday he sang Joshua to Tyler. And well....he did so great he sang it in church Wednesday night with the boys!!!!! SOooooooo precious in his litle black suit. Hope you got to see him. If not enjoy my little video!!!!! :)

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